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Portsmouth Kayak Adventures NH


Safety Class

1.5 hours/ $99 per person

Our safety classes typically cover paddle strokes, wet exit, self-rescues and assisted rescues. Classes are catered to individual needs.


Private Lessons

2 hour minimum/ $65 per person- per hour

Group lessons (up to 4 people) $55 per person- per hour

More relaxed than a safety class, these lessons include an instructional component as well as the informational and recreational aspects of a tour.


Rolling Clinic

3 hours/ $150

Take your kayaking ability to the next level with our comprehensive rolling clinic. You will learn different bracing techniques, half rolls, and full rolls. Experienced kayakers only.



Fishing Clinic

3 hours

First Saturday in June, July, and August

Led by world-renowned kayak designer and fisherman David Hadden.



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